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Medipax Healthcare is a global Manufacturer and Trader of Pharmaceuticals, Antimalarials, Oncology, Supplements, Veterinary Products, and Medical Devices to over 65 countries. With Over 6000 Products to Supply Medipax is one of the Largest Healthcare Organizations in the World.

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Medipax is a 360 Degree Healthcare Product Supplier and Manufacture, Our Product Categories Include.

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With over 6000 branded products sold worldwide and numerous generics produced under our customers’ brands, Medipax supplies distributors, governments, NGOs, hospitals, pharmacies and the retail sector with the products they need for their markets.

” What Makes Medipax Different is That Our wide product range allows us to scale our resources resulting in added value for our customers and ultimately the end-user. Medipax Healthcare focuses on the best value for our customers while upholding the highest quality standards. “

Dr. Prakash Babu Vegunta

Managing Partner


Medipax Healthcare Deals with Over 6000 Healthcare Products and is into Organic and Other Sectors too.

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Our aim is to create successful and lasting relationships with our customers and distributors based on trust and reliability.

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We Have an Unmatched Expertise in Exporting and Developing Products.

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We have an Impressive Quality of Reliable Products.

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We Provide Our Consumers and Distributors with Perfect Documentation.

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Medipax has a Well Qualified Staff and an Amazing Higher Authority.

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We Recommend you to take the Covid-19 Vaccine, Contact us and We will Guide you on the Procedure.